Complete funeral services NON STOP
1. Coffins
Coffins affordable luxury coffins unique models of import and export. At this time of ordeal and choosing a casket pain can become very difficult. Our staff will store offer a wide range of models of coffins from different essences, patterns and colors.
Prices vary coffins of their quality. Standard dimensions of a coffin may have slight variations, so for clarification inquiry our company.
2. Cosmetics
Hairdressers are preparing the deceased for burial funeral ceremony and consists of washing, dressing, if shaving and grooming it.
3. embalming.
Embalming is an artificial method of preservation, stop the decomposition process, conservation and preventing entry into an unpleasant physical condition lifeless body, which ensures the development of the funeral ceremony safe and hygienic.
4. Domestic and International Transportation ritual (repatriation of deceased)
Carry out the funeral home and abroad special vehicles refrigeration. Repatriation of the deceased anywhere in Europe in Romania Romania and elsewhere in Europe.
5. Funeral Accessories
We provide a range of products and accessories needed to conduct the funeral service
6. Digging and burying the corpse Gorp
Digging up the pit or vault plate. Staff handling the casket,
interment and grave confusion crowns
7. Acts solving funeral aid Salaj
8. Autoclave
We offer funeral services anywhere in Romania, regardless of the distance between our office and the burial location.